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Reduce heating costs

The cost of heating your home is going up all the time and we seem to be at the mercy of the utility companies. Happily, we can show you how to regain control. At Assess Energy we can help you reduce your heating bills and in many cases, generate an income from feed-in tariffs on a variety of micro-generation technologies. For example, do you know that PV (photo-voltaic solar power) doesn't just generate free electricity for you, it also attracts a far better return than any savings plan.

Cut carbon emissions

Room and water heating can account for more than 80% of total emissions from home energy use. By lowering room heating by just 1°C a household can prevent the release of about 300 kg of CO2 a year, reducing the annual household emissions by 6%. Other simple low-cost measures such as stopping draughts can make a huge difference, as will more elaborate investments in micro-generation technologies. But how do you know which actions suit your ambitions or your budget? A good start is with an energy audit which will give you clear, costed actions and results for immediate and long term carbon reduction planning.

Make your home more comfortable

Energy efficiency goes hand-in-hand with home improvements. If you are thinking about an extension, loft conversion, new kitchen or any other structural work, then this is the best time to reduce draughts and cut heat loss. Every home is different and comfort is achieved by taking the right actions not just for the physical structure of your house but also for your lifestyle. For example, you might be considering double glazing but you have cold floors. The new windows (expensive) might make little difference to your comfort, but insulating the floors (less expensive) could make a huge difference. Also, many properties lose more heat through the floors than the windows.