Oxford based Assess Energy has been providing EPCs, floor plans, Green Deal surveys and photography since 2007. We have completed about 6,000 EPCs for a wide variety of properties, from mansions to 1 bed flats, for home owners, County Councils, Estate Agents, Landlords and Green Deal applicants.

In the beginning Assess Energy was set up by Richard Frith as a minor contribution to saving the planet and offsetting the air miles accrued in running a multimedia studio, which specialised in conference work in overseas venues. Carrying out EPCs also provided an excellent way of getting out of the office and meeting like-minded people in the developing low carbon economy.

Over the years we have been involved in a range of trial projects which have looked at ways of making homes more energy efficient and combatting fuel poverty, such as the Home Action Plan set up in partnership with the Energy Savings Trust and the National Energy Services, the Low Carbon Barton residents awareness campaign and last and least, the Green Deal.

We we work on various projects with solar PV installers, notably the local Oxford Solar and the Oxford Low Carbon Hub and the Energy Saving Co-op. When not advising clients on energy efficiency we can be found making our solid brick, sash windowed house more energy efficient by building wooden secondary glazing, monitoring our Solar Century PV panels and immersun water heater, installing under floor insulation and continuing with the graphic design work, but without the air miles.